Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend In Review (Longest training Run.. Done!)

This weekend flew by!

Unfortunately, I have to work in Calgary tomorrow so I don't get a long weekend. Jarod is staying home with London though so my mom will have an extra day to herself. 

Friday after work London and I were playing outside when the ice cream truck drive by. We saw it park on the corner and followed it so London could have his first ice cream truck treat. I chose a snow cone... Which he dropped in the dirt about two minutes after I took these photos!

We had our good friends Jordan and Tina over after to watch a hockey game. London was all decked out in his London Knights jersey (his namesake)

And everyone else followed suit but with LA Kings gear!

The Kings won!! We ended up staying up until 10:30 (late for all of us) and woke up by 6:15.

Tina and Jordan are having a baby next month and I am so excited for them!! Looking forward to celebrating next weekend and getting in lots of baby cuddles when he/she makes their arrival!!

Saturday I left at 7:30am to do a 12 mile run. The weather was perfect and the paths were fairly quiet because of the long weekend. I ran an out and back route with gorgeous views and averaged about 9:30/ miles (about 30 seconds slower than I would have liked!) Terry even joined me for the last mile!

After cleaning up, and nap time, we headed to the race track for a staff event. Only a few people showed up but it was fun! We had free food, drinks and betting! London loved the horses (from a far!)

After, we took advantage of the warm weather and hung out at the park while Jarod cooked supper. 

And ended the night with some cuddles and Bubble Guppies.

Today was all about cleaning. Our bathrooms and floors needed serious attention so I tackled those. We got groceries, took in the recycling and organized some closets and the playroom. Side note: Anyone else's husband hate cleaning? Mine loves to complain about how dirty something is but not do anything about it! MEN!! Also, who out there has a house keeper? All my friends seem to have hired one recently but it isn't in our budget and, to be honest, probably won't be ever (as nice as it would be!!)

After naptime, London and I met my mom for a walk in the river valley. I'm trying to soak up all my time with her before she leaves in 6 weeks! 👎😂

It was nice enough to take the top off her car in the drive home! (London wasn't sure what to think!)

And, because I couldn't get enough sunshine, London and I headed out for a speedy two mile run and some fun at a nearby park.

We were both nice and sweaty afterwards!

We ended up the night with some books, a game of "chase" and some cuddles with Daddy.

I'm off to Calgary tomorrow for work so time to put my sweet boy to bed and pack up my stuff. It's going to be a long, busy day!

Hope you had a good weekend!! 


  1. I wish Liam would keep a hat and sunglasses on as well as London does! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yeah he only likes that ONE pair from the gap haha and he has to choose his hat or else he won't wear one, lol! Toddlers!!