Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend In Review & Hungry Runner Girl Stole The Show

Friday was gorgeous! I turned to pinterest for a little outfit inspiration after finding these shorts in the back of my closet.

I quickly changed into something more practical after work since we were tackling our landscaping. Jarod had some friends come and help put fence posts in and lay sod. As always, London was a huge help!

Saturday, we headed to our friend's Jordan and Tina's place for a couples baby shower BBQ. We can't wait for Baby K to arrive! We loved spoiling him/her (my guess is boy) and can't wait to meet him/her!

When we came home, the boys had finished the yard! It looked amazing! London wanted to run all over the new grass but it was straight to the bath after getting a little messy at the BBQ!

Sunday morning I headed out for my last long run before the Calgary half next week Sunday. I wanted to keep my pace around 9 minute miles. I did! My legs wanted to quit at mile 5 but it was all mental. I pushed through and felt great! I'm more ready than I thought it would be! I'm confident I can accomplish my goal next week.

London and I spent some time playing on the deck then headed to the park for a playdate. He had a brief meltdown on the way there because I wouldn't let him run across the street without holding my hand (the horror!) ;)

Some fish and apple juice made everything better!

We played for over an hour and a half and he crashed two minutes after we got home.

I took advantage of nap time to try a new recipe. I LOVE Hungry Runner Girl's blog and bookmarked her S'mores Recipe awhile ago. Since we were heading to a BBQ this afternoon I wanted to bring it! It took about 45 minutes with prep and cook time.

It was a HUGE hit at the BBQ!! 

Here the link to the recipe...

London and I took the bars and headed to the river valley to meet with a group of runners. Everyone there had been "run streaking" for over a year. That's running a minimum of one mile, every day, for 100 days plus! I'm no longer streaking because of my injury but did reach 397 days before quitting in March. It was so nice to meet everyone after seeing their posts on our Facebook page and nice to talk about running (without worrying about boring someone, haha!)

London had fun and even roasted his first dogs over the fire!

We played at the nearby park before heading home. It was such a fun day and weekend!

London is turning into a chatterbox these
days and is even starting to say sentences. It's the coolest thing! I love being able to spend the whole day with him Saturdays and Sundays!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Anyone else run today? How far?

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