Friday, May 23, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday X


I love that it's FINALLY warm enough to wear a dress/skirt most days.  Excuse the bathroom work photos. I actually don't have a full length mirror at home!


I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but this is still one of my favourite things ever! As any working mom can relate it's tough to be away from our little ones, all day, especially when it's nice outside! I wish I was at the park watching London's eyes light up as he climbs up the slide and hear his little giggle when he falls over sliding down. My mom always makes sure to send me photos of them on their daily adventures. This makes it easier until I can see him at 5 o'clock and take him out for our special time together.


I love this song and the lyrics.  My marriage isn't perfect and, in those tough moments, I remember why I fell in love with my husband and why we're in it for the long haul.  This song always helps me with that. I think it's also because John Legend is one of the husband's favourite artists. I put it on this morning and we slow danced in our bedroom before we left for work. London just smiled and then joined us about half way through. It was so cute! I only wish we would have been able to get tickets to his sold-out Calgary show next month! I may have to hit up Stub Hubb and splurge....


I've always loved Herbal Essences but their new "naked" edition has me loving them even more. The smell is amazing (MINT!) and it never leaves my hair feeling weighed down or too greasy. I only wash my hair twice a week but sometimes wish I had more time to do it so I could use it again and again, haha!


Okay, so I don't HAVE this watch but I keep drooling over it! I think this is the second time I've posted about it this week, haha! I have a Gamin but it's big and bulky and doesn't offer as many features as I would like. The Garmin Forerunner 220 identifies personal records, easily uploads your runs through your phone and allows for live tracking and social media sharing. It's expensive and totally not needed but I'm hoping to save up and buy it in time for the fall running season.


I don't mind change, but I also have my favourites when it comes to certain things. The Chai Tea Latte is one of those. I don't like the Chocolate Chai Tea Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte or Gingerbread Latte and now I can also cross off the new "Teavana Oprah Chai Tea" as well. I like my tea sweet not spicy. My weekly sometimes-daily treat is at its best when it's done the classic way!


I just ordered this book and may have to add to my RACE BUCKET LIST post after reading just the synopsis on Amazon. I don't have it yet but know I'm going to love it (and probably start planning some running vacations....)

"Have you ever thought about running a 5K naked or getting the all-time biggest marathon finisher’s medal? How about running five miles while eating a dozen donuts or chugging down a few beers? Or maybe you’d prefer running a half marathon in paradise or a 5K dressed as a gorilla? Whatever your dreams, runner and traveler Denise Malan has written the perfect book for everybody who is searching for America’s greatest—and craziest—running adventures: the races that all enthusiasts should seriously consider running before they die. She gives the inside scoop on 200 truly unique races around the United States, covering distances from one mile to ultramarathon."

What's the coolest race you've ever done?

What are you loving lately?


  1. Love the striped dress, where is it from?
    Coolest and BEST race yet is still the Disneyland Half Marathon me and Chad ran together. We both agreed to do one again.
    I am loving coffee lol. So tired these days and do not know why!

    1. Thanks lady!! It's from Smart Set! It was 59 bucks BUT I had a 30 percent off coupons, so that helped! It's super comfortable and flattering in the stomach area (which I love/need hahahaha!) I REALLY want to do a Disney race...definitely someday when London is a bit older so we can make a family vacation out of it! Have a great weekend xx