Friday, May 2, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday VII

This will have to be short and sweet today, since I'm swamped at work.


Mornings are CRAZY in our house! We're all up at 6 and have to all get ready and have breakfast and be ready between 7:30 (when Jarod leaves) and 8 (when I try and get out the door.) These pancakes are a life saver on those really rushed mornings! I pop four minis in the micowave and London gobbles them up. Add some fruit and maybe a yogurt and glass of milk/water and he's a happy camper!


I have been thinking about purchasing a domain for awhile now and found Go Daddy to be really easy to use and affordable (it helped I had a promo code!) For less than twenty-dollars I was able to purchase a new site for the blog (no more .blogspot for me!) Woot Woot!


My mom bought this water table for London last year and he loved it but this year he REALLY is enjoying it! I set it up last night and he spent over an hour splashing around and dumping water to make the wheel spin. Awesome gift NANA!!

I have to cut this short today but stay tuned for a Toddler Tantrum post I'm working on. I should have it up tomorrow. We've been experiencing a LOT of tantrums lately. How we're dealing with them...and if it's working...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. London looks like he loves that water table!! Can't wait to read your post about tantrums!