Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Race Countdown

It's hard to believe but the Calgary Marathon is less than three weeks away!

I feel like there was a lot more build up to my last two half marathons. The LRPS half was my first, so I spent weeks alternating between nervous and excited!

Then, NYC was about training my butt off! Following an INTENSE training plan for three months.

Then I got injured and, now sick, and Calgary has creeped up on me.

I'm excited to run another half though!!

I recently remembered I signed up for a Mud and Sweat 5K (a long time ago) that now happens to fall the day BEFORE my half! Help me out blog friends! Is this something I should do... or, just rest my legs in the hopes of running a strong half?

My training plan I created a few weeks ago was great in theory, but just didn't happen (I'm Type A so this is so weird for me!)

I've been managing about 20 miles a week (two shorter runs and one long run) and I'm happy with that. Sunday's quick 4.5 miler was the confidence boost I needed.

I have a long run on the schedule Saturday. I'll be virtually cheering Lindsey on as she completes her last long training run too! (Sidenote: Totally wish I lived in the same city as this lady! She is the sweetest and her daughter A is adorable!!)

Good luck to everyone else training for a run!!!


  1. The race is coming up so quickly! I wish I was still running it :( And I think you should be fine doing the mud run. Just go slow and have fun out there :) Unless you are going for a PR in Calgary, then I wouldn't run it. Lindsey sure is sweet! :)

  2. Like Leigh said do the mud run but just be careful :)
    I will be cheering you on too this weekend! I can't wait to meet you in person. I wish we lived in the same city too. I have no Mommy runners here really.