Sunday, May 4, 2014

Race Bucket List

It's no secret I love races.

It's a chance for your body to show you how months of training paid off. You are able to push yourself to your limits and achieve what you never thought was possible. Of course, a PR is pretty cool too!

Plus, there's something indescribable about race day adrenaline.

I think the half marathon is my favourite race distance. 

As I dream about getting back to where I was for NYC, here are some races on my 5 YEAR bucket list. Yes, they are all destination races because I think it's a great excuse to do some travelling. My only advice, from experience, is to plan your trip with the race in the first day or two so you don't spend the whole trip stressing about it or have tired legs from walking around and exploring!

1. SeeWheeze

I'm a HUGE lulu fan. I wear their clothes pretty much every day and certainly on all my runs. You get a pair of shorts with registration and it's in my hometown of Vancouver (I've always wanted to run along the sea wall!) I have my sights set on 2015 since it sold out too fast this year.

2. Tinkerbell Half Marathon

I have heard amazing things about the "run disney" events. I like the idea of dressing up to run and taking your time to stop, along the course, and pose for photos with disney characters. Plus, you get to run through the park! I think this would be a great race to do with girlfriends or with my family when London is a bit older. 

3.  NYC Half

Yes, I know I ran this in 2014 but I want to so it again. I was REALLY focused on my goal time and, my only regret, is not stopping to take in the first 6 miles in Central Park. While it's hard for me to not "race" a race I want to try. NYC is my favourite city in the world and running is one of the best ways to see any place. This is a must re-do! 

4. Chicago Half Marathon

Visiting Chicago has been on my bucket list for years! Courtney raves about the city and I know I would love it! And, I know I could convince her to come ;) I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Chicago half. You can see the skyline as you run along Lake Michigan. They also have a Rock N Roll half so that's always another option. 

5. Brooklyn Half

I haven't had the chance to explore other parts of NYC and I know I would love Brooklyn. Plus, who doesn't want to visit Coney Island? 

So, 5 races for 5 years. Where should I go first?


  1. I want to do Sea Wheeze for sure, thought I'd do it thusWe loved the Disn year but my sister law is getting married that DIsney race we did, do they still do the Tinkerbelle one? But thought they replaced it, either way a Disney race is a must! Ps sorry for errors, commenting on my phone!

    1. Seawheeze 2015!! Girls trip :)

      The Disney site says Tinkerbell still exists, but who knows! I would LOVE to do a disney race. Now I'm going to creep on your blog to read your recap :)

  2. I love your love for racing and running :) I can't wait to hopefully run some of these with you xoxo

  3. Chicago is definitely on my bucket list as well! I'd love to do a big race in the states to see how great their expos are and to be part of a race like that. Big Sur would be fun too

    1. I hear Chicago is pretty flat, so it would be an awesome race! Big Sur would be amazing too-- running along the Ocean and warm weather in November. A nice change for us!!!

  4. I am also a huge Lulu fan and Seawheeze would be awesome. Unfortunately it's on the opposite side of the country so it would be quite a trek for a pair of shorts :)

    1. HAHA, yeah that's an expensive pair of shorts! Vancouver is pretty amazing though! 2015 Girls Trip? ;)