Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just one of those days

Today is one of those days where I am truly thankful for everything I have.

Work was slow but that meant we had time for a group lunch. We stopped by a BBQ supporting Special Olympics and filled out plates with burgers (veggie for me) beans, cookies and chips. 

I spent the afternoon working on some projects and drooling over the new Garmin 220. I just need 350 dollars somehow... Seriously though, how beautiful is this and the features are amazing!

While I was working mom sent me her daily pics of London! They had a great day together (of course!) 

Tonight Jarod and I took London to swimming lessons. My little boy is becoming quite the little fish! As someone who grew up next to the ocean this makes me so happy!

I had planned on running home from the pool but skipped it to spend time with my family instead. Tomorrow is "Wellness Wedneaday" at work so I know I'll be running at least 6 miles.

We had a delicious BBQ supper and them London rode his bike to be park. We brought a ball and had fun playing soccer. London kept saying "up" and pointing to the sky for mama and daddy to kick it high. 

Tonight, we also made the decision to hire someone to do the landscaping on our yard! By Saturday we will have grass (yay!) for London to run around in/on and fence posts! So exciting!! Can't wait to have our friends, and their littles, over for some summer bbq's!! 

Hope you had a great day!! I'm excited for Wellness Wedneaday tomorrow! Tapering is rough! 

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