Thursday, May 15, 2014

Backstreet's Back... ALRIGHT

So, if you follow me on any other social media you're probably WELL aware that I went to the Backstreet Boys concert last night...and that I met one of them yesterday.

So, I've been a BSB fan since I was 12 years old. My girlfriends and I listened to them in high school and attended ALL of their shows. I was in love with Brian, Melis loved Nick, Sarah loved Kevin and Carrie also loved Nick until she was "too cool" for BSB and switched to loving Bush (she came back a few years later, haha!)

(Wearing my Brian t-shirt lol!!) 

Because Nick and Brian referred to themselves as "Frick and Frack" so did Melissa and I.


The girls and I went our separate ways after high school but always remained close. Despite moving almost 20 hours away, I still made it home for all the BSB shows! They were an excuse to get together and have fun!


So, when I heard the BSB were coming to LETHBRIDGE (we've always seen them in BIG venues) I knew we had to go!! Sadly, Carrie and Sarah couldn't make it but Melis and I got tickets to go. The day of the show (yesterday) my husband texted me saying that one of them was at the mall. I immediately dropped what I was working on at work and drove (read: SPED) over. I called Melis on the way and she met me there. It ended up being AJ AND BRIAN!!! (Squeal!!) I was literally shaking but trying to "be cool!" We waited until they were done lunch and then I called Brian's name as he was leaving and asked for a photo. He told me they usually don't do photos as then they have to pose with one with everyone. So, instead he said he would love to just chat with us for a bit. He asked our names, and was surprised to hear this was our 10th BSB concert. It only lasted about five minutes but it was SO COOL!! Jarod was watching on the mall security cameras and sent me this after, haha!

We said our goodbyes and headed outside. We immediately called Carrie and started telling her the story. Just then, he walked out and I hung up on her! He said "are you telling everybody you met me?" I said, "yes!" So, he said "okay, well then let's get a photo then!" So, he walked over and took some photos with us!! AHH!! My 15 year old self nearly died! I'm seriously getting this framed, haha!!

And here's Melissa's "selfie!"

We then headed back to work and I pretended to actually get some work done as I shared the photo online and kept re-playing the meeting over and over again! Melissa said I was surprisingly "cool, calm and collected" but I can't remember most of what we said. I realize this is making me sound like a complete nerd but I don't care, haha! I'm not usually one to "fan girl" over a celebrity (I've interviewed more than my fair share) but this was different. What a cool moment and special memory. Thank you Jarod!!!!

The show last night was amazing! We didn't have the greatest seats but they put on an amazing two hour concert!!

Thank you Melis for such a fun night!!!!

AND, thank you BSB for still making my heart beat fast ;)


  1. What an amazing moment for you!! I can't believe how hot he still is!!

  2. Haha what a fun story! He's so short!

    1. Yeah I was surprised BUT, to be fair, I was wearing heels too ;)