Friday, April 18, 2014

Things I'm Loving V

1. THIS product from Mac.

TAWNYA told me about this lash primer after one of my previous Friday Loving posts. I picked it up last week and LOVE it! It helps separate my lashes and make them really pop!

2. THESE shoes from Reebok.

The Reebok Skyscape forever shoes are my new favourite every day shoe! I've been wearing them on daily walks and trips to the parks with London They are really flexible, fit my feet perfectly and (the BIGGEST sell) machine washable!! They're also really light (only 5 ounces) and come in a lot of fun colours (purple, pink, grey, green, blue and black!)


Two little sample packs showed up in my mail box yesterday and it immediately made its way into my breakfast plans this morning. I haven't had Nutella in years but it was a nice treat! I may have to pick up a small jar for the pantry... Good job Nutella, Good job Nutella!


I love having a little boy. I can usually find the cutest clothes for cheap if I shop around! Last week, I discovered ZARA KIDS and immediately bought a few things online. This week, I popped into the Calgary store and picked up a few more items for London. I love how everything is great quality but inexpensive. The bright shirts and tanks I got for summer were SIX BUCKS! I'm also a HUGE fan of H&M KIDS. H & M shares my love of NYC and I picked up London a few Manhattan tops and a cool new hat!


It's no secret I've been a little bummed about my lack of running lately. After a good sleep, I'm ready to tackle another run tonight and see if I feel any better. I saw this this morning and it was perfect!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. LOVE this post :) So glad you found a new primer, how great is it?! I'm obsessed and feel naked without it! I got those nutella pouches in the mail as well, Scarlett had a nice little treat for breakfast! And ALL of those new clothes for London are so cute!! xo