Friday, April 25, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday VI


The weather is warm enough some days that I can throw on a maxi dress for work or on weekends. I pretty much live in them during the summer (and when I was pregnant with London!) There are my current favourites.


2. BBQ'S

We've been bbq'ing a lot lately. Anything on the grill is my favourite... (Chicken, veggie burgers, stuffed peppers, potatoes, corn, asparagus!) 


London's up at 6 most mornings so Jarod usually occupies him while I shower and get ready (usually about 45 minutes.) It's cute to peek out the bathroom door and see them watching videos together or jumping on the bed!

(Ignore the messy bed, we took the frame off when we coslept with London in case he fell off and are currently searching for a new one and headboard.)


She's leaving in two months to move back to Vancouver and I am already a mess thinking about it. We spend about 15-20 minutes together each morning before I leave for work and then the same when I get home. It's nice to chat about our days, especially in person. We do weekly suppers and coffee and shopping dates. I meet her and London during the day when I'm not busy. It's been so nice to have her close and taking care of London! Plus, she gives the best advice ever and is always right!


One of London's favourite game is "where's..." (Similar to Peek-A-Boo) so he loves these books that have items hidden under flaps on each page. His favourite is the toes, ears and nose one and he can now point and say all the body parts. Smarty pants (<thanks mom haha!) He loves to tickle the toes LOL! So cute!!

What are you loving lately?

Any weekend plans?


  1. Love Maxi dresses too, especially last summer when I was pregnant. However, my husband hates them - so weird!
    Aww, I would be a mess too if my Mom moved away, I talk to her every day and try to see her a ton too, she works two jobs though so is really busy some days.
    I just bought one of these books, Baby Loves Spring, I love it too!
    Because of this whole sugar detox thing I love plain Greek yogurt as my treat (lol), I am loving the sunny days we are getting here and there. and I am loving how much fun Avery is these days.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. My husband hates them too!! I think it's because they're basically shape-less hahaha! Good for you for doing the sugar detox. I'm interested to keep reading about it on your blog! Have a great weekend too!! :)