Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Best Mile

I wasn't planning on running tonight since  I'm trying to stick to rest days BUT I needed to exercise. My pace has been suffering since I took time off but tonight I managed one mile at my NYC training (9 minute mile) pace! It felt so good!

I kept it at one mile because I'm planning something longer for tomorrow and because London was standing next to my treadmill saying "all done mama all done!" It was an easy decision!

He loved foam rolling with me after! We even did a plank together. He's the best exercise buddy! ;) 

I got to work with my husband for a bit today which was really cool! We don't get a lot of one-on-one time without baby, so we had a good chat (on top of the roof of the mall!)

Meanwhile, mom and London had quite the day walking around, and playing at he park, for three hours! She sent me these... (I love when she sends me pictures during the day!)

He was a little over tired towards the end...

After supper, we spent hours looking through baby videos of London. It was so fun and now I have baby fever! 

Back to running... (Holy heck this post is all over the place!) 

I'm creating a half marathon training plan tonight to (hopefully) get me back on track for Calgary! More on that soon!

Have a great night! 

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  1. Ha ha love this random post! I want the wind to die down so I can get outside and run run run!!! :)