Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So, today I went to see the neurologist... Finally! It's been a LONG process to try and figure out what's wrong with my legs. 

Anyway, after waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room I finally got in. 

The appointment was lengthly. He wrote down a detailed history of what happened and then proceeded to do a lot of tests. He looked over my body and then tested each area individually for things like strength, reflexes, balance and coordination. 

At the end of the appointment, he said he was positive there was nothing neurologically wrong. He said I had great circulation, no signs of swelling and was overall very healthy. 

He said the original tingling and numbness was likely from rupturing a nerve during the NYC Half. He believes it happened when I was repeatedly pounding my feet on un-even pavement in extremely cold temperatures. He suggested I throw out all my shoes and buy a new pair (um, does he know how expensive runners are?!)

I left the appointment feeling happy and a little frustrated. I am happy it isn't something serious but I'm frustrated that there isn't a for sure cause or a quick fix!

I made myself feel better by going to buy a new pair of shoes.Whoops!

I may actually end up returning them though! Mizunos have been great for me but my friend Katie suggested I do a GAIT analysis just to make sure I'm in the right shoes and don't have any bad running habits. 

I'm excited to start running again. I plan to take it easy and not streak right now! I did sign up for a virtual 5 K called "Miles for Boaton" Monday with my run club girls but other than that have no "races" on the schedule until the Calgary Half June 1st.

Medal lovers, you get a medal ;)

Tonight I came home from work and trimmed my bangs. It seemed like a good idea at the time and they don't look too bad (hair in my eyes was driving me nuts!) I love my bangs but my hair grows fast so I'm going to have to book an appt every 3 weeks to get a trim!

We are at my mom's for supper so I should go eat!

Have a great night!!! 

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