Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Weekend

Friday night we spent some time tidying the exterior of our house. Of course, London had to help. Jarod and London sat on the deck reading while I cooked

Then, Jarod got to work hanging some new signs mom had picked up for us and a frame I had ordered through my photographer. The frame is actually meant for your front door but we were having troubles hanging it and decided it probably would work better inside anyway since our weather is so unpredictable!

Saturday London was up at 6 (normal) so I scooped him up and headed downstairs to watch cartoons so Jarod could have some extra time in bed. We made a huge yummy breakfast and then headed to Safeway to stock up on two weeks worth of groceries. I can printed off all the coupons and there were se great scores this week! I earned lots of airmiles (flights home--woot woot!) and even got a 4L of milk for London FREE! We saved 68 bucks too! I love Safeway and I love coupons :) It always helps to be there by 8:30 too, the store was empty! London now knows how to insert the debit card and pull it out. We just need to teach him my pin and we're set! ;)

A quick trip to home hardware where London discovered flashlights and back home. It was snowing so we were bundled up for the weather!

When we got home we decided to clean and organize parts of the house. I tackled the pantry, laundry room and front closet (I have too many shoes!!) Then washed the floors, vacuumed and polished the fridge and oven. I worked up a good sweat... And appetite! I had my favourite salad from Costco and threw in some leftover homemade "kickin' chicken"
with an apple on the side.

While London slept I had a GAIT done. I've been having heel pain for a few days. It's worse in the morning and still quite dull but I know something is off. She thinks it's plantar fasciitis and gave me some tips and stretches and we made a plan for the Calgary half. Ideally, she'd like me to take two weeks off running. After JUST taking a month off, it's a hard pill to swallow :( 

I've been doing the stretches religiously. I also have to roll a frozen water bottle and then a gold ball under my feet at least twice a day. Everything seems to be helping though and it's only been 24 hours!!!

I'm trying not to be bummed because I'm still focused on Calgary. I know I can do it. It won't be my best half ever but that's okay with me.

Saturday night I drowned my sorrows in drinks with my girls! ;)

Awhile ago I suggested a girls night with some girlfriends. We headed to Hudson's, a local Taphouse, and had amazing food, yummy drinks and just talked and talked and talked. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much, I was crying laughing multiple times and I lost my voice by the end of the night! We danced to a few songs (BSB) before heading to a local nightclub to have some shots and dance some more.

It was a perfect night. Long overdue! In the day and age of social media, texting, emails etc... It's so refreshing to be face to face with people :) 

It was so great to spend time with Melissa! Melissa and I grew up together (friends for over 20 years) and I don't see her as much as I should. She is hilarious and a really really good friend! We've had some bumps in our friendship but I know she has my back and would be there if I ever needed her!

Danielle is actually my first friend I met on twitter! I finally introduced myself to her at the gym one day and we have been friends ever since! She's smart, funny,
and teaches me about "nerdy" things!! ;)

Nicole I met in my baby group when our boys where 3-4 weeks old. I've talked about Nicole before on the blog but she's just the sweetest person! 

It was fun to see everyone let their hair down! I, for one, haven't had that many drinks in a long time (thanks to my pregnancy, nursing London for 16 months and then training for NYC!) Needless to say, I was feeling it! :D

I was home by 1 and asleep shortly after. My "alarm clock" woke me up at 6 and I spent an hour trying to convince him to lay down with me watching cartoons haha!

We played most of the morning while Jarod ran to get McDonalds breakfast (mmm grease after the bar!)

Then, London and I went on a stroller walk. It was cold and he fell asleep so I turned around and 20 minutes and put him to bed. He usually doesn't sleep until 12-1 so our whole day was a bit wonky! Oh well!!

We spent the afternoon and evening at my mom and stepdads with my stepsister, her husband and their son. 

It was so much fun! We flew kites, ate lots of good and made a lot of memories!
I can't wait to get together again soon!

London was asleep by 6:20!!! 

It was a great weekend!.. I just wish I could have run! (Soon!) 

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  1. Awesome weekend! Glad you got out for a girls night too :-) They are too fun.

    I hope your heel gets better soon!