Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Weekend

Well, this weekend turned out a LOT differently than originally planned.

Friday night started with some fun with bubble wrap! My NYC half frame from Marathon Foto arrived (can't wait to hang it up in the "gym" area downstairs) and London and I spent about 10 minutes stomping and popping the bubbles! He eventually brought his shovel to help.

Then we spent about an hour and a half with a lady about our new life insurance. We had to give blood and urine samples, have our blood pressure taken (four times each) plus our weight and height recorded and answer a lot of questions about our medical history.  I guess they want to make sure you're in good shape before they approve your policy.

We had a quick trip to Home Hardware. Jarod ran in and London and I waited in the car. It was pouring rain and London loved sticking his head out the window and getting wet!

We all went to bed early because we had a busy day planned for Saturday. I had signed up for a four mile race and was going to either go and run it (if my legs were okay...probably against better judgement lol) or go and cheer on my friends who were! Then, Tawnya and I had plans to go to the Calgary zoo for the day! She even bought a super cute wagon for London and Scarlett to sit in!

Instead, very early Saturday morning (2am ish) I woke up to the sound of London throwing up! This continued for most the night, all the next day and into early Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I also woke up sick Saturday and started throwing up too. On top of that, we both had non-stop diarrhea. It wasn't pleasant.

Luckily, Jarod was here to take care of us. He did endless loads of laundry, brought us medicine and sips of water and sat through dozens of episodes of Bubble Guppies. 

We both tried to eat Sunday but neither of us could stomach much. We spent most of the day on the couch cuddling and sipping juice (London) and Gatorade (me.)

For the second day in a row he fell asleep cuddled up to me. We both had a good two and a half hour nap.

I was hoping we would feel better when we woke up but we both had no appetite and upset stomachs. 

It wasn't the weekend we planned but I am thankful we are on the road to recovery! I'm sad we missed seeing the elephants (they leave tomorrow for Washington) but I know we can go to the zoo another time! Here's hoping Jarod doesn't get what we had!! Time to disinfect!!

Hope you had a good weekend! 


  1. Oh no, hope you and your little guy are feeling better soon :(

    1. Thank you!! I think we are finally on the mend! :)

  2. Aww hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. Thanks!!! We are feeling better today :)