Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nana's Sick Day

So my mom moved to Lethbridge, from Vancouver, last year to take care of London while I work. We are going to miss her so much when she leaves in June!!!!! London will be going to Daycare but that's a post for another day...

My mom took her first "sick day" today. She didn't want to, and felt HORRIBLE for doing so, but she needed to! 

That meant either Jarod or I had to stay home with London. Well, Jarod's big boss from Toronto was in tone and I was working on an important story. So, I decided to take London to work with me to get it done.

It ended up taking a LOT longer than planned! We arrived at 8:30 and didn't leave until almost noon. Despite the fact I came prepared with snacks, entertainment and necessities it wasn't easy!

London did not want to be there. He was whiney, clingy and a little devil! At one point he was screaming as I was trying to  lay down the voicing for my story. He bawled while I attempted to shoot my standup and then as I was almost finished editing he hit the power switch and crashed the system. It was actually pretty hilarious at the end of the day! He doesn't like to be inside on a beautiful day either!

He fell asleep on the way home so I transferred him to his crib and did some work while he napped. I woke him up around 2:45 because I knew he wouldn't go to sleep early tonight otherwise.

We had a quick snack together, walked to the mail and then headed out to the mall to see Jarod and pick up some popcorn. Sidenote: I need to start running again!! Not running + eating like I'm training= tight clothes! I run so I can eat!! 

After a quick visit with Jarod, London and I headed to the park. Tawnya and Scarlett joined us and then Nicole and Roman. I spent most of my maternity leave with them, so it was good to see them and to be outside having fun!! The kids love hanging out! London tries being friends with all the older boys and every single puppy! He bawled when two toddlers (3-4ish!) and their puppy went home. 

We had a quick supper, cleaned a bit and then Jarod and London played while I hung some new artwork in London's room. I ordered these from Pixel Print Art and love them!! 

Then bath time for my messy little man and an 8:30 bedtime (with some extra cuddles because we had such a fun day together!)

I hope my mom feels better! It was nice to get a surprise mommy/son day in the middle of the week though! 

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