Wednesday, April 30, 2014

London 19 Months

You are now 19 months old!

I miss you even more (if that's even possible) these days when I'm at work because you are so much fun to be around. You're fearless (except when it comes to animals) funny and sweet. You hold my hand when we walk to the park at night and you always ask for at least three kisses "ksss" "ksss" "ksss" when I'm leaving for work or, from daddy, when I'm taking you up to bed.

You love to say hi and bye to everyone. You also continue to say bye to things. Bye park, bye pool. It's adorable.

Last night you peed on the potty for the first time and your dad and I are going to talk about our "plans" for potty training this weekend. You grab your tummy and say "poop" now before you go and seem genuinely interested in using he toilet. It's worth a shot!

Your vocabulary continues to surprise me. Sometimes I forget how much you hear and understand (and repeat!) New words include circle, splash, outside, toothbrush, stool and fish (referring to goldfish, not actually fish lol!)

Your favourite things to do include being outside, being chased, tickling feet, reading books and eating. You've fallen off the Bubble Guppies train lately... Only asking for them maybe once a day. You prefer to spend your time outside. This makes me happy!!

You love food. Yogurt, pancakes, and fruit seem to be your favourites
With rice and hotdogs (with "dip dip ketsup") coming in a close second. You also love your snacks... Apple sauce, goldfish, raisins.... You always say "please" and "thank you" and we are working on "you're welcome." 

You're drinking 3.5% (Homo) Milk exclusively and you still have one 9 oz bottle at night which we still need to wean you off eventually. We also need to get rid of your soother "your suck" (suckie) so we continue to only give it at bedtime and car rides or on reallllyy cranky/teething days. I'm hoping to be rid of it by the time you start daycare at the end of June!

You have quite the temper and we need to focus on how we will address you acting out. You throw your food and drive mommy and daddy crazy! You don't always listen and you slam your head against things (usually the floor) when you're frustrated. Tonight, you ended up with a big bump after doing it!!

You do know when you're in trouble though and the big lip and wide eyes come out (with usually some sniffles) and you try and climb up and hug whomever is getting upset with you!

You continue to only let mama put you to bed if she's home. You have a tell "tired" and "comfort" sign that you used to only do on me but now you do to daddy and nana... You put your hand down their shirts and hold on to the shirt straps. That's when we can tell you're tired or need a few extra cuddles.

You love baths again so we've been giving you those every other night. You also LOVE other kids (especially when they're older boys) and will try and play with them at the park. It's so neat to watch how you interact! Tonight our neighbours little girls (3 and 6) invited you over to play and you had a blast! I can't wait to get our yard finished so we can spend more time playing and have friends and their littles over for bbq's!

You are in size 2-3 clothes and size 7.5 toddler shoes (you LOVE shoes and would buy every pair if it was up to you!) You're in Size 5 diapers.

I love you so much my sweet boy. You bring me so much happiness and fill my heart with so much love. I love spending all my free time with you!

Thank you for your cuddles, hugs, belly laughs, giggles, funny faces, dance parties, kisses and "wuv yous!" You're my everything London.

Love Mommy

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