Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspirational Messages

I've received two facebook messages this week from two moms looking to start running. They both told me they'd watched my running journey unfold on social media and they were inspired. Both messages made me smile.

I'm always excited to hear about why people decide to start running or simply make a positive change. 

I am so proud of these ladies for wanting to do something for themselves and I am excited to watch their progress.

As for me, I'm still not running. My legs are actually feeling a bit better but I promised myself a week off from anything and I have two days left. I desperately miss it though (why does it have to be gorgeous out right now?!) but am being smart for the long term. Everyone's posts about running (I subscribe to a lot of running-related things on every form of social media) have me itching to get out there!! 

I have some decisions to make both short and long term. I have a race this weekend and the Calgary half in June that I should be training for. I need to decide soon about both (the deadline to drop down for Calgary is the 18th!)

I'm hoping and praying for miracle right now!

On a positive note, today was another gorgeous day. Sunny and 19 degrees and it called for a dress and heels! It also called for a park date immediately after work. 

London snuck into the pantry and got into the cookies and I made some cookies while Jarod bbq'd our supper. 

I love this weather!

Take a look at tomorrow's forecast...

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  1. You are such an inspiration :) I'm so proud of you for realizing you needed this break and taking it! I wish I had your discipline! Hope we get to see you guys later! I can't believe how nice it's going to be today!!