Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Ran...

It wasn't great.

Today I ran for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I couldn't even make it a mile. My legs were actually okay (not normal but not so heavy) but my lungs and chest were burning. 

I feel frustrated and defeated. I feel angry. I'm sad and a little depressed.

Before NYC I was running, everyday, about 25-40 miles a week. I was running fast (for me) and feeling the best I've ever felt. 

I feel like I crashed.

I have essentially been "off" since the race March 16th. I've read articles that say I will have lost about 15ish-20ish percentage of my running but it shouldn't be a tough/difficult return. Why is it?!

I'm supposed to run a virtual 5K Monday with my girlfriends and I don't know if I can.

Anyone have any insight on to what the heck is going on? I would love any advice. Should I keep trying to run and hope it gets easier/better?

Okay.... Back to some good news. I had to work in Calgary yesterday. I was on the desk which meant I could wear a dress. YAY! I love dressing up! I found this at Rickis before NYC but waited until it was 40% off, online, to buy it.

Mom and London joined me for the trip (4 hours in the car) so after work we went for supper and shopping. He was so good in the car (I highly recommend an IPad for long trips!)

While at the mall, London rode his first carousel and hates it. He cling to me the whole time saying "all done" but then kept saying "hi" and "please" when we were eating supper nearby. Funny kid!

We did some quick shopping at Zara Kids (love their stuff) and H and M and London walked away with some SUPER cute clothes. I love these bright shirts from Zara for 6 bucks each but my favourite is the NYC hat!! 


Today, London had his 18 month checkup and a hair cut to look spiffy for Easter.  He finally found the ball pit!

My inlaws are coming this weekend so tonight we picked up some much needed groceries.

I'm working Good Friday but, for those who aren't, have a wonderful long weekend! Happy Easter!

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