Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy Train & Home Gym

Today was all about getting London better. He was throwing up at supper time last night so he hadn't had any food in his system since Friday. I stayed home from work to make sure he was better and because he refused to let me put him down.

It was an easy decision to make but it doesn't mean I didn't feel a little guilty. I've taken a lot of "sick" days since London was born. No one else can do my job and it leaves the team extremely short staffed. Thankfully I have a great, understanding boss!

London was able to eat breakfast but wanted to cuddle most of the day. 

We had an early lunch and he fell asleep cuddled up against me.

He slept for a solid two hours and woke up a new person... his normal, crazy self! Nana came to visit and we went outside on the deck to blow bubbles (after an "epic" fight about wearing a hat) and then rode his bike to the park for some playtime and a quick lap around the neighbourhood. It felt great to get outside.

London saw a lady bug, for the first time, but seemed less than impressed ;)

We had planned to skip my work hockey pool tonight but my staff kept texting me, throughout the day, saying Jarod and I had to be there. We finally agreed and headed over to a colleagues house for supper and the draft. It's a 20 dollar buy-in and 200 dollars for first place!! My Vancouver Canucks aren't in the playoffs this year so I picked a little smarter ;) 

After we got home, we played in the basement and I finished hanging up my medals in the downstairs gym. I love how it's coming together!! I still have to add some photos I blew up and maybe some shelving but otherwise I'm happy! I'm missing a few bibs but excited to add to that wall!

I have my specialist appointment tomorrow, so hopefully the neurologist can help figure out what's happening with my legs! I want (NEED) to start running again!!!

Have a great night!! 

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  1. Happy to hear he us feeling better!
    I always feel guilty taking sick days too but health comes first :-)
    Love your medals, and bibs!
    Good luck tomorrow!