Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend! The weather was beautiful and it was nice to have some downtime with my family... And an extra day off! 

I had to work Good Friday so London stayed home with Jarod and his parents, who had arrived from Saskatchewan really early that morning. Luckily, the day flew by and I treated those of us that were working that day to a yummy chocolate treat!

After work, I headed over to my photographer's house and picked up the disc of latest photos we did for London's 18 months. I had a few of them framed and wrapped to give to London's grandparents for Easter. They were a huge hit! Especially, these two...


We had a delicious "Easter" BBQ supper and spent the night catching up. Saturday, we headed out to do some shopping. My Inlaws wanted to buy London some clothes so we went to the gap, superstore and old navy! 200 dollars later and London has a new spring/summer wardrobe! Oh, and a Bubble Guppies couch that he had to have ;)

The above is my attempt at getting a shot of us in our matching jean jackets. No luck! He doesn't sit still these days! 

He also got a bubble guppies life jacket for our trip to the cabin in July! Hopefully he wears it!

I managed to run 10K during his nap and then we ordered pizza and had a somewhat early night!

Stretching and foam rolling are so important when coming back from an injury!!

Sunday morning we opened Easter gifts. London loves his shopping card and treats!

We tried doing eggs but London only wanted to eat them... Maybe next year!

Inlaws left early Sunday so we had a family trip to Walmart and the park. We swung by moms to get her gifts and deliver her photo and then had my mom over for another "Easter" supper. Mom spoiled us and London!! Can't wait to fill the planters and use the beverage dispenser mason jar!! 

I had today off while Jarod had to work. London and I had a playdate with Nicole and Roman and then I ran 5K with some of my run club girls as part of a virtual run for Boston. Mom was nice enough to come over to watch London (and take him for a long walk) It was awesome to run again and with my friends! We missed those who were missing though (Tawnya and Katie!!) We saw lots of deer while we were running which was cool! I ran home to make it an even 4 miles. Then, it was back to the park for some fun before supper. 

Supper was extra messy tonight as we enjoyed some leftover chocolate. Someone headed immediately to the bath!! 

Hope you had a great Easter!! 

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