Friday, March 7, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday

1. THIS mascara! I've tried almost everything on the market (including a 40 dollar tube from Sephora!!) and this is the only one that doesn't clump or smudge for me. I love the price (6.99 on sale!) and it lasts months!

2. THIS website. I've spent the last few weeks analyzing the NYC half race course, checking out the FAQ, reading the stories of other runners and researching what to expect on race day. It's helped me feel prepared and excited for my second half!

3. THIS training program. I've talked about it a lot lately but I've never felt more prepared for a race. This program has improved my speed quite a bit and helped me push my body to its limits.

4. THIS cartoon! It's London's favourite (well only) show he loves! I love the music and the format of the show. We out on an episode in the morning and before bed and he screams "BUBBLE!!" When it comes on. So cute! He'll sit and watch a whole episode (22 mins) most days which is nice for cuddles or when I need to get something done.

5. My GIRLS! I'm heading to NYC with my best girls in one week today! I love how we are all excited to get away and spend some time together exploring the big apple! They put up with my type a personality when it comes to planning and lists and just go with the flow! I can't wait!! Since we are all busy, and Court lives in Moose Jaw, we've been using FB to make plans and discuss the trip!

What are you loving lately? 


  1. Oh my gosh I should try that mascara... I'm currently hooked on the benefit one and it's $$$ I have heard good things about the covergirl stuff! :) Also I can't wait for NYC!

  2. I use the benefit one too Tawnya and it is pricey! And please always be Type make things happen, and this fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants girl is more than happy to ride your coat tails!