Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Running Plan

So, now that I'm done the NYC Half a lot of people have asked what's next?

Well, I have another half on my schedule and several shorter races as well. 5 races from now until the end of June. 

Unfortunately, some health issues are preventing me from jumping right into my new training plan BUT I am keeping up my running streak and just reducing my mileage for the time being. I'm just going to see how I feel when it comes to training and racing. I've seen a few doctors and a physiotherapist and been given the go ahead to just listen to my body. I actually ran four miles today (my longest since the half March 16th) and felt great! 

I have a 5K on the schedule Saturday. I had originally hoped for a 25-26 minute goal time but don't think that's possible right now. My 5K PR is 26:40 and before a few days ago I was fairly confident I could beat that. I guess we will see.

I also have a 10 miler April 12th but may drop down to the 4 miler depending on the next few weeks.

The Calgary half marathon is June 1st. I have no goals yet and will see how I feel. I'm very happy with my NYC half PR (1:54:14) and not sure if I want to try and beat it or just enjoy the run (the competitive me says beat it haha!)

Anyway, so many variables right now.

While I wait to see what my body does, and my specialist says, I'm just going to continue to run every day and feel thankful that I can do so! 

Anyone else have any races coming up?

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