Monday, March 31, 2014

London 18 Month Update


You are now a year and a half old. How that happened I have no idea. So many of my best moments involve you.

You are still a big boy at about 34 inches tall and 30 pounds (we will get the official stats at your immunization appointment Friday) but lately seem to have lost some of your baby fat and look more and more like a toddler every day! 

You are exclusively in 2T clothing (although we are close to sizing up in pants) and size 7 shoes.

Your speech is developing every day. I'll hear you say a word for the first time and am still in disbelief you are really starting to communicate. You also understand so much of what we are saying. I mentioned going on your bike while we were out for supper tonight and, sure enough, as soon as we pulled into the garage and took you out of the car you started saying "bike, bike" and it was off to the park... 

You are still a bit of a picky water but have a HUGE appetite! You count Greek "Oikos" yogurt coconut or key lime, oatmeal, toast, pancakes and fruit (all fruit!) among your favourite breakfast items.

You love to snack on apples, raisins, digestive cookies, Dora gummies and apple sauce. For lunch and supper you're happiest when you have a plate full of carbs (preferably pasta and tomato sauce) or hot dogs. You also love rice and corn! You're hit and miss on other vegetables and have recently decided to boycott cheese (your old staple!)

You still drink a 9 oz bottle at night. Right now we are mixing goats milk and 3 percent cow's milk. We officially weaned you from your afternoon bottle today. We are hoping to get rid of your soother "suckie" in the next month or two as well. One thing at a time..

You're still not, what I would consider, a great sleeper. Your bedtime is between 830-915 but some nights (last night) you want to party! It took almost three hours to put you down Friday night and two hours last night. You aren't cranky, just ready to party! Your mom and dad LOVE to go to bed early, so this is tough on us sometimes.  You also wake up early between 615-710 and rarely sleep straight through. Most nights you scream for mama or daddy a few times. In fact. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night! You are in your big boy bed though and seem to love it! 

You have the funniest personality! You are mischievous, our little jokester. You definitely like to push the boundaries a little. You're also sweet and lately have been requesting more than one "kiss, kiss" when mommy leaves for work. You love to cuddle while we watch Bubble Guppies, read a book or play a game on the IPad. You love to help mommy get ready for her runs now that the treadmill is in the basement. We go downstairs (dun-stirs) and you immediately say "shoes, shoes" and go grab my runners out of the closet. You even know how to turn the treadmill on (one reason why we leave it unplugged) and then watch me run. As soon as the treadmill stops you run over, say "shoes, shoes" and put them away as soon as I have them off. I can't wait to take you on some stroller runs soon and to, someday, have you run beside me :)

You love Bubble Guppies and sing along to the theme song now and shriek (yes shriek) when it comes on. You also LOVE watching hockey and basketball and can always be heard saying "shoots... Scores and a giggle" or "Swish!" It's cute! You even do it in the car when nothing is on! You're going to love sports like your daddy I think! Your favourite things to do are hang in the basement playing "hut hut" or mini sticks or get chased around the house by one of us and jump into the arms of the other. You love to dance and will take turns pointing at your daddy and I so we can do a move! You also recently started playing a game where you cover your ears and then we pretend to talk (but really only move our lips) until you remove your hands and you can hear us! You think it's hilarious and we do too!! 

We bathe you every second or third day now since you started to dislike them a few months ago. You're back to enjoying it now and will run upstairs when we say "bath time" again! We've started alternating toys to keep you happy and entertained and it's working! You're still terrified of the new shower head and cry when we try and bring it down to wash your hair!

You're starting to interact more with other toddlers and kids. You followed kids around at the park tonight and then yelled "bye" a dozen times as they left. You have had some great play dates lately with Roman and Scarlett.

I say this again and again my little man and I'll say it again. I'm so blessed to be your mama. My life is so much better with you in it and I can't even express how full my heart is with love for you. I love you to the moon and back. 

Love Mommy

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