Saturday, March 29, 2014

5K PR, Health Update & I got BANGS!!

So, I wasn't sure what to expect going into this run and a number of factors were definitely working against me.

My legs have been numb and tingly since returning from NYC. I ended up going to emergency, twice, last weekend for blood work and an ultrasound. They ruled out blood clots. 

Then, I saw a physio who told me he was puzzled as everything was working mechanically! I then saw my own family doctor who told me it's likely a trapped or compressed/pinched nerve and to wait until my appointment with the neurologist April 15th (I was referred while in hospital.) After talking to some friends and family I'm also going to see a chiropractor Tuesday to see if that helps. 

There's no pain but my legs feel numb and heavy, making some runs uncomfortable but others are fine! My doctor gave me the go ahead to keep running but to listen to my body and not exceed 4 miles daily. I managed to do one 4 miler, this week, but kept my other runs to an easy 1 mile. 

Back to today's race, I had signed up for this 5K race, before NYC, and wasn't willing to forfeit my money so I decided to go and see how I felt. I was willing to walk if I needed to. I had planned to go to sleep early last night but London had other plans and it took almost three hours to put him to sleep last night. I wasn't in bed until after 11 and then he was up a few times and eventually ended up in my bed. It was exhausting and very frustrating. I woke up extremely tired. This is my extremely tired face..

Around 9am I kissed my boys goodbye and headed out to Coaldale (about 25 minutes away) for the 10 o'clock start.

The weather was really on my side today! It was a perfect two degrees with no wind. The sun was shining! I lined up at the starting line and felt excited and ready to run!

The course was mostly gravol roads which actually felt great on my legs! I felt more tired than I normally would but not that I was pushing myself too hard. I had put on my Garmin but forgot to set it, or my phone, I was running blind!

There's a turnaround point where I could see everyone ahead of me. I only counted a handful of women so I knew I was in the Top 10. 

I rounded the last corner and sprinted to the finish line, grabbed my water and headed over to the results....


A new PR!!!

6th woman, 30th overall and a shiny new medal for placing second in my age group (30-39)

I am still so excited! I love the runners high and racing makes me so happy! I neat my last PR (26:40) by more than 2 minutes! All my training, and speed work, for NYC paid off! I used to dream about a sub 25 minute 5 K!!

I'm not sure how my legs are going to feel later bit they feel great now! 

Time for a little hair makeover...



Have a great Saturday!

If you're a parent did you do sleep training? We didn't. Never liked the idea of cry it out and we coslept until 15 months.

Runners... Run for fun or run to race? Both. I love leisurely runs with no time goals but I also am extremely competitive with myself and love to push my body!


  1. Silly question about your towel hanger next to your shower. Do you have a few individual ones above one another, or just a regular two-prong bathroom towel hook? I'm wanting a similar set up in our bathroom. lol!

    1. It's actually just a single prong hook. There's another one on the other side you can't see though. :)