Friday, March 28, 2014

Blog Makeover

I spent a few hours making over my blog today. This blog (originally London's Mommy) started as a place to documents my son's milestones and my monthly letters to him. It eventually became an open journal when I have documented my running journey.

I love to write about London but I also love to write about my running goals, upcoming races, training and race recaps. I hope to continue writing about both here. The ultimate "Mother Runner" blog if I can call it that.

Tonight I got home from work and London grabbed my hand and said "downstairs" so off to the basement we went. He then said shoes, got my shoes, and then turned the treadmill on (the switch, I always leave it unplugged for safety reasons!) I think it's fair to say he wanted me to run! So, I took advantage of it and knocked off four miles while he sat in his chair and watched an episode of Bubble Guppies and played. As soon as the treadmill stopped he said "shoes" and came and took them and out them back in the closet! I love that he notices Mommy runs and I'm being a positive healthy influence for him! 

After my run, I decided to start focusing on some more core work so I'm bringing back the plank a day challenge. For the next few days, and throughout the month of April, I'm committing to one plank a day. I would love to reach 3 minutes!! 

Anyway, London's bath is almost finished so it's time to help daddy with bedtime duty. London is playing with new bath crayons from Nana tonight. He keeps saying "uh oh" because he's making a mess which is so cute! 

Have a great night everyone!

I hope you enjoy the new blog look and changes and thank you for reading!

Why did you start blogging?

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