Monday, February 3, 2014

London 16 months old

Well baby boy, I'm only three days late on this monthly update. Part of the reason is because you were throwing up yesterday/last night and the only part is because we had such a fun, jam-packed, weekend! You are feeling better now thankfully! I took the day off and we spent the day cuddling.

You are 16 months old. That little sir, blows my mind! 

You are the true definition of a toddler. You are into everything and want to do everything kids twice your age are doing. You have an attitude and a temper but you are also so sweet and sensitive.

Your sleeping routine has changed a lot this month! You are now in your own big boy bed!! Mommy usually ends up in there half way through the night after you wake up crying but you have done a few nights alone. I miss sleeping with you but am so proud of you for adjusting so well. I do like having daddy back.

You are also napping once a day. You wake up anywhere between 6 and 7 (a few times it's been 730-8!!) and go to sleep around 9. You're not easily to put to bed unless you had a short nap (usually your nap around 12-1230 for 2-3 hours.)

The nice part about you being in your bed is, mommy is able to her up at 5 and run in the morning. It's been nice because that way I don't have to sacrifice time with you, or daddy, after work.

You're eating a lot. That hasn't changed. Your favourite food is still fruit but you also love hot dogs and will scarf down two in a sitting (with ketchup to dip!)
Also, you are still nursing once before bed. I keep going to stop, but just haven't found the right time (a part of me doesn't want to lol!) you have one bottle of goats milk after your afternoon nap and one before bed. It's time to start weaning you off bottles.... 

You are wearing 2T shirts (some 3T pjs) and 18-24 month pants. You are in size 5 diapers still. You're super tall (I need to measure you soon) and tower over all your friends (and some children that are months older than you!) I haven't weighed you in awhile but I'm guessing you're around 31-32 pounds.

Your vocabulary seriously impresses your daddy and I. Your favourite things to say are hi, bye, all done, daddy, up, suckie, please, bath and now IPad!! Lol! You always run and grab it to skype or play games.

You repeat everything we say and recent added switch, gosh, shrimp, high chair, bottle, oh and tonight you and daddy were putting things away and as you dropped them you said "one, two..." And blew us away! We have been working on counting and do it all the time. I can't wait to keep practicing! I love that you say please and thank you. Well manned children warm my heart lol! I hope you continue to be polite.

You have a temper when you don't get what you want but aren't hitting or slamming your head into things as much lately. Even if you do get aggressive we say "say sorry" and you give a kiss. 

You have been teething lately! You have eight teeth and one molar out with others poking through. Your cheeks and bum have been so red lately :( 

You are obsessed with Bubble Guppies (especially the get well bubble puppy and rock episodes) and we watched it all day today while you were sick. You will watch a whole episode now while I get stuff done, unless it's cleaning then you have to help! Yep, you love to vacuum and also say vacuum when you see a mess! You will pick up the dust buster and take it around scooping up crumbs. If you use the big one, you'll help push or do it on your own!

You love to dance and will sway side to side or bob up and down when any tunes comes on. You love to read and will sit for ages flipping through pages. You love your flash cards and can make the noises of the animals you see without us saying the names anymore and point out "baby" and "hat" ball" and "socks" in this big picture book we have. It's the coolest thing to just watch you absorb everything!

You love to play with daddy and cuddle with mommy. You still call me daddy most of the time (unless you're sick) and think it's hilarious! It's kind of cute lol!

You're in music class on Thursdays and enjoying it. We signed you up for gymnastics and will be putting you in swimming in the spring! It's nice to have your time with other kids! Nana and I have also been taking you to an open gym parent and tot thing once or twice a week and you love it! You're going to do great in daycare when that time comes... I hope! 

Thank you for being the best boy a mommy could ever ask for. I love you so much it's hard to even put it in to words. You're on my mind all day London. I love you to the moon and back.

Love Mommy

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  1. Gosh, I can hardly believe Liam and London are only a few weeks apart and London seems so much older!

    And how do you fit in all those activities with him while working??? I would love to do stuff like that with Liam but we only have a couple hours after work to eat dinner and whatnot before it's bed time.