Saturday, February 22, 2014


London is currently asleep in my arms and I am waiting to go for a massage so I figured it was a good time to blog.

Life has been busy lately. My boss took last week off which meant I was in charge of the whole tv station. It was a busy, hectic and stressful week. One of our city councillors, a 37 year old father and husband, also was killed in an avalanche so most of my stories were about him and his tragic death. It still makes me sad to think about it.

We've been watching lots of Olympics lately. Fridays assignment was to cover people watching the semi finals hockey game so I got to hang out at a pub and eat, drink (splurged on a coke lol) and watch hockey! It was so much fun! I invited some of the boys I work with for lunch, on me, since they'd been a big help this week.

The whole family is in to the Olympic spirit and trying to sport our red and white every day!

Jarod wore a jersey to work every day this week but I forgot to snap a pic!

London has been a little cranky this week but is cutting molars (ugh) so I don't blame him! He's also become obsessed with the vacuum and cries/whines when he can't have it! He would literally play with that thing all day. He wants us to vacuum and then he pushes around the attachment. Our house has never been so clean lol!! Oh and he also hates baths again... Not sure what happened there so we don't push it but aim for one every two to three days.

My Inlaws were here last weekend Fri-Mon. It's great having them here because they want to spend all their time with London and I don't feel guilty about going for a run or out with friends! I actually went out for most of Saturday afternoon/evening with two of my girls for a birthday supper and then drinks. It was long overdue and very much needed! I left feeling like I lost 10 pounds lol! It's nice to just chat openly and get everything off your chest!

Running is going great! I'm 6 days away from my YEAR long run streak! Seriously so proud of myself! I'm in Week 7 of NYC half training and currently in peak week which has me doing 42 miles! It's been crazy but I'm getting up at 5:22am to get the runs in so I don't sacrifice time with my family. Today's long run (12 miles) was on the treadmill because I didn't want to risk slipping outside. Thank god for SATC for keeping me entertained! The run felt amazing and I'm feeling good about my training! 20 days until we leave for NYC and 3 weeks tomorrow is the big race!!! 

Anyway, I should probably get going to my massage now! Did I mention how excited I am? Hope you're having a great weekend!

As always, I leave you with cute pics of my little man ;)

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  1. I can't wait to see you cross that finish line! Almost at a year of streaking... you are my idol! ha ha love all the pics :)