Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Nap Transition

A few weeks ago we transitioned you to one nap. You had been napping at 10am and 2pm for a combined 3-4 hours but weren't going to bed until 930-10 each night. Mommy and Daddy like to be in bed by 10, so we weren't getting any alone time.

We also decided a few nights ago to move a queen sized bed into your room and transition you into your own room and let mommy and daddy get back to sleeping together (it's been a year!) I'm using it as an excuse to finally start decorating your room!!

It's coming together slowly. I need prints for the two frames and I'm thinking of a wall decal for above the bed...

The one nap transition has been good and bad. The bad is you hit a wall around 10am and are soooo grumpy! The good is you go to sleep around 12-1230 within minutes so there's no nap time struggle (before it could take up to an hour!)

You're also ready for bed a lot sooner! Lately, you've been down between 745-9. Tonight, you were really cranky in the bath around 630 and fell asleep by 715! 

While I miss the extra hours together, I know this is what's best for everyone. I just hope you are able to get through the mornings, eventually, without being too grumpy! Mommy also gets grumpy when  tired, so I know how you feel ;)

We had a fun day today though. A play date with friends and an afternoon at the park (even if it was chilly!)

You helped clean up after supper and then we had some quality time together in your toy room while daddy watched hockey (you were a little monkey and climbed on your toy box and then found the toilet paper...haha!) Boys will be boys!

Tonight, I'm going to spend some time cuddling you in your big boy bed because you are growing up too fast. 

I love you buddy.

Love Mommy

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