Sunday, January 12, 2014

London 15 month update


I'm a bit late with this... 12 days to be exact. I am determined to keep these up until you're two because you are changing so much lately! Life has been crazy busy lately. I've adjusted to being back at work. We both have. I miss you so much though and I won't say it really gets easier, just manageable. There have been a handful of times when I am jealous of my friends who only have to work one or two days a week but I am thankful to have my job. This is what I'm supposed to be doing right now.

Let's start with the stats. You are pushing the scales at 30 pounds and tall!! I don't know how tall yet (I should measure you soon!) but you tower over all of your friends!! You are still wearing size 6.5-7 shoes and are in size 2 clothing almost exclusively.

You are still a big eater but are a little picker with things. You will eat meat now (yay) but need a dip. Ketchup and ranch are your favourites but you love BBQ sauce too. You also love hot dogs, cheese, oranges and apples. You will eat fruit for every snack if I give it to you. 

You are still drink bottles of goats milk at 10, 3ish and before bed. Yesterday I stopped nursing you in the mornings more on that in a future post) and are only nursed at night now before your bottle. Our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end and I have mixed emotions about it. 

Your sleeping habits....You moved to one nap about a week ago. It's a struggle some days to keep you up until 1230-1 for your nap but you are going to bed a little earlier at night. You usually wake up between 6-630 and go to bed around 9-930. Your afternoon nap is anywhere from 1hr 45 minutes to 3 hours (usually only for Nana!) You still sleep with mommy and daddy is in "his" room. It works for us. Even if you are a bed hog...

You are a chatterbox and now officially repeat everything (including full sentences!) which cracks me up every single time! You know probably 30 words but your favourite is HI! You say it over and over when there are new people around and you want them to pay attention to you. You say it when I am on the phone and when we are out in public. You also love bye, hot, up, bottle, cheese (for taking pictures,) daddy (you still call me daddy) please (peaSS) and bub gupps (for Bubble Guppies, your favourite show!) we watch BG's at 730 every morning while we get ready and nana and you watch it at 330 during your afternoon bottle. I love that show! It's got great music (which you always dance to!!) and a really awesome lesson every episode! I'm glad you "picked" that one to love! 

You LOVE bath time but not getting your diaper changed or dressed! I don't think that's anything new though, haha!

You are such a funny little boy! You know when you're being silly and you love to make us laugh. You love to play and will always grab our hand and say "play please" when you want company. 

You are so smart too. You pick things up so quickly. You love to copy mommy and daddy! Anything from cleaning, to working out to shooting hoops. I love watching you learn and grow!

Every day with you is an adventure. I can't wait to see what happens next!

I love you so much sweet boy!

Love Mommy (daddy) ;)

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