Saturday, December 14, 2013

When Your Child Is Sick

You feel helpless... On Tuesday, mom sent me a text asking me if London was allergic to wool. He'd been wearing a sweater and she noticed he had a rash on the back of his neck. I figured that was probably the case as he had gotten a rash from a wool hat when he was a baby. When I can home from work, the rash had gotten way worse. We headed into the walk in clinic to have it checked.

The on ca doctor explained London was probably fighting a virus and this was his response. He suggested we pick up Benadryl and I've him half a teaspoon three times a day.

The next morning, it got worse.

We packed him up and mom and I headed to the hospital. We only had to wait for about 45 minutes before we saw someone. The doctor explained it was an allergic reaction to something and suggested giving him a teaspoon of Benadryl and said it should be gone in a day. I left London with mom and headed into work.

That night, it appeared to be getting worse.

We gave him his Benadryl before bed and prayed it would help. He slept horribly and woke up screaming throughout the night. I finally have him some Advil around 2 which seemed to help a little. Jarod came in to check on us as soon as he woke up and this is what we saw...

His face was so swollen you could hardly see his eyes. The rash was horrible and he was covered from head to toe. His hands and feet were swollen to at least twice the normal size.

Jarod and I couldn't looking at him without bursting I to tears. We felt horrible for him! We rushed back to the hospital. We had to wait over 90 minutes before we were taken back. London was in decent spirits and we spent most of the wait walking from emergency to the atrium and waving hi to everyone.

When we finally got back to our "room" all London wanted to do was cuddle with me on the bed, while we waited. 

We saw two doctors who basically said they weren't sure what it is. They talked about kidney problems and allergies before finally admitting we needed to see a paediatrician. We waited another house before he came. Meantime, Jarod went home to grab London a bottle and some more books and wipes. Jarod was having a hard time looking at London knowing he was in pain and upset. While he was gone, the doctor finally came. He felt confident it was some sort of reaction to either a food, item or virus. He wanted to fight it aggressively with steroids. He also have us a medicine for the swelling and a cream for the itch. He have us an epi pen and told us to use it and call 911 if he stopped breathing... something that officially scared the crap out of me as a parent. He said to come back tomorrow and, if he wasn't better, he would admit him. As we were leaving, our nurse comment she couldn't believe they were letting us go. Not exactly reassuring. Jarod and I spent the rest of the day at home. Neither of us could go to work knowing we were given strict instructions to pay attention to his breathing...

He was in fairly good spirits after the first dose of meds...

That night, we noticed the rash was clearing and the swelling was going down! We prayed for a better night sleep and some good news in the morning! When we woke up, we were THRILLED to see our happy, smiling boy was back and looking much better!!!

We headed back to the hospital for one "hopefully" last checkup!

The doctor was happy with his progress!! We were told to call him if it wasn't completely gone by Monday (he still had some redness and swelling) and were given the all clear to head home! Yay!! 

Jarod headed I I work and I visited with mom before heading in around 1130. 

Today, he is doing much better!! The rash is almost completely gone and the swelling too! I couldn't be more relieved. Jarod said it best...being a parent it tough sometimes and you never realize how much you love someone until you can't help then when they are hurting!" This week was very tough on all of us.

We are so thankful for all the support and kind messages we received! They helped get is through some tough moments. So thank you! 

Today, we cleaned (London loves to sweep and vacuum) had a dance party, played kitchen and watched Bubble Guppies. A great Saturday with my little family! I'm so thankful to have them! 


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  1. Ugh. Those pictures are even hard for me to look at. I'd be a mess. You're a very strong mama. I'm so glad he is doing much better.