Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Well another Christmas has come and gone. This one, was a little different than we planned but, was great!

Monday, London and I were in Calgary. He went to the zoo with dad and Ryan while I worked. On the way home, Jarod called to tell me his family had the stomach flu. My mother in law had had it two days before but it had spread! So, I insisted they get a hotel (they had just arrived) and they did. London and I actually ended up staying at my moms because Jarod needed to clean and disinfect the house before we would come home. 

We had a fun sleepover! Mom gave us our Christmas pjs early!

We came home Christmas Eve morning but the Inlaws stayed in the hotel that day and night to make sure no one else got sick 

Jarod wasn't too happy about it and neither was I. My stepdad wouldn't come over for supper because he had to leave for Fort Mac that night and couldn't afford to get sick and my mom and brother didn't want to leave him alone. It sucked. So, it was just me and my boys... And we tried to make the most out of it. We ate fish and French fries (lol, so much for the big feast we had planned!!) and opened our pjs and London went to bed around 7.

Jarod then spent the next FOUR hours putting together our gift for London!

London decided his gift to us would be to sleep for twelve hours! He got up at 7 and we waited for our families to arrive at 8.

When they came we made a giant breakfast and finished putting out gifts. We made sure to hide London upstairs so he would be surprised...

He was really shy and wanted to hold my hand and then as soon as we got closer to the car and walked bet and climbed in! He pretty much stayed in the car all day! 

He didn't really unwrap gifts and probably would have been happy with just the car from mom and Lester lol! We saved the kitchen for last, and he loved it!!

It was a great day with everyone! I got lots of running stuff and a beautiful picture from my brother!

While London napped...

Mom, Ryan and I prepped supper.

It was a delicious meal!! 

Then, more playing and visiting to wind up the day!

Hope everyone had a great Boxing Day! Time to go cheer on Canada with the family!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas, aside from your inlaws having the flu. The flu hit our house so it wasn't the best Christmas either. Hoping next year will be much better. It was fun watching Liam open a couple presents before he got too overwhelmed.