Monday, November 11, 2013

Our last day

It's been 423 days since I last worked. For the last 407 of those I have spent my days with you. I wake up next to you and go to sleep next to you. Besides a few hours where I've been running, out on a date with your daddy or been to have my hair done, my time has been spent with you.

To some people that may sound crazy but I love being with you. I never felt like I missed anything. I never took our time together for granted.

I've posted a lot about returning to work and the time is finally here.  Tommorrow, mommy will be back in the office, 5 days, and at least 40 hours, a week. 

If I could stay home with you I would; but, I know going back to work and earning money to support our family is a necessity. I know Nana will take great care of you. I know she will love you like I do.

I've tried to really cherish our time together today (and I've only cried twice!!) We ate your favourite breakfast (waffles watermelon and oranges)

Played on the floor 

I cuddled you while you napped (one of the things I will miss the most!)

Watched a show and ate snacks

Read a few books

Drove to Starbucks (playing the "turn on the interior light game the whole way!)

Visited our besties so you could play and mommy could have some grown up time

Hung out with Grandpa and Nana while you had lunch

Made lists for Nana

Played some more...

Gave lots of hugs and kisses 

And then cuddled for your afternoon nap. 

It'll be time to have a bottle when you wake up and then daddy will be home. I'm excited to spend time together as a family before the big day tomorrow!

I just wanted to let you know how special the last 14 months have been baby boy. I love you so much and am going to miss you more than you know when I'm working. 

You are my everything xoxo

Love Mommy

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking about you <3