Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My First Day Back...

Today was my first day back at work! I woke up every hour to check I hadn't slept in. I had set my alarm for 6:02 and was wide awake at 5:17. I laid in bed watching London sleep before finally getting up at 5:45 for my run. 

I have been running every day since March 1st and am really trying to keep that up for as long as I can. Running is "me" time! It makes me feel so good and helps me focus. Most days, I love it! 

I brought the monitor with me and, thankfully, London stayed asleep during the quick two miles. 

By 630 I was in the shower and 7 I was ready to nurse London who had just woken up. 

Then it was time to get dressed...

I think I look a little different than the last time I was at work hahaha!

London and I definitely spent a few extra minutes cuddling today... And pulling funny faces!

7:15 was breakfast time and Daddy left at 730. Nana arrive at 7:50 and I was out the door by 7:55. I teared up as I drove away and saw London waving in the window.

I arrived at work and everyone was thrilled to see me (which was nice!) I had also received lots of text messages and tweets which made it a little easier.

The morning was rough. I missed London so so so much!! I also had to go through a LOT of emails... 

Yep, 40,000!!! I also spent about twenty minutes redecorating...

Now I can look at my little boy's cute face all day! I are lunch at my desk while catching up on social media (it felt weird to eat so slow and not have to clean up after anyone else!) and then headed to city council to do some interviews. 

The afternoon flew by!! I also got these gorgeous flowers from Tawnya which totally made my day!!

Overall it was nice to be back doing what I love but it made me realize that my dream "job" would be staying home with London. I love spending my time with him and I think it is what makes me the happiest. I know it's not going to happen but that's what I would choose if I could.

I left work at 4:15 (15 minutes early ) and was home by 4:30 and immediately gave London the biggest hug and kiss! He was happy to see me and he and Nana apparently had a great day!! She got him to nap, which was my biggest concern, and they had just had a lot of fun! I'm so incredibly blessed to have her here!!!!!!!!

Mom left at 450 and I started on supper since Jarod got home late. London only wanted to be held so that made things interesting. When Daddy got home at 6 we were just sitting down to eat so he joined us. Then we played for an hour and London had a bath. After bath, I made his bottles and lunch for tomorrow and then nursed London and put him in bed. He was asleep by 830 and I'm about to go to sleep myself (it's 8:45!) 

I'm exhausted and I don't know how I'm going to fit everything into my day, but I know I can! I don't want to sacrifice time with family so I know I'll be a bit of a home body for awhile. Thank gosh for understanding friends!

Overall, it was a good first day back but I can't say I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I hope this gets easier...  :( 

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