Friday, November 1, 2013

13 months old

Today you are 13 months old. I don't know when I'll stop doing these monthly posts but since it seems like so much has changed lately I wanted to document it.

It seems like the days and weeks are just flying by as I get ready to return to work. I have 11 days left at home with you and I'm not even a tiny bit excited to return to work. I even bought a lotto max ticket yesterday for the big 50 million dollar jackpot in the hopes of a last chance miracle (haha you never know, right?!) 

Enough about me and work. I don't want to talk about it.

Anyway, you are definitely a toddler now. You walk everywhere and love your independence. On the weekend we took you swimming and you didn't want to be held. You waded your way through the baby pool solo and tried to escape our arms in the big pool. At home, you like to open drawers and pull things out and close yourself in the bathroom with the lights off. You like to get "stuck" in tight spaces (like behind the toilet) and sit quietly until someone finds you. You love to play with all your toys but you usually have either a basketball or hockey stick in your hands. You know how to score a basket and shoot a puck and also cheer for yourself afterwards (something your daddy taught you!)

You definitely have a temper. You drop to the ground if you don't want to be picked up to go somewhere or you bang your head against the couch if we don't pick you up fast enough. 

You still hate having your diaper changed (about half the time) and scream when it's time to dry off and put your pjs on after a bath. If it were up to you, you would spend your days and nights naked.

Although you're so independent you still give lots of hugs and kisses without being prompted and love to take either mommy and daddy's hand (or both) and being us somewhere to show us something. When mommy is sitting at the kitchen island, working on the computer, you say "up" and hang out on my lap, watching me work. Or you'll cuddle with daddy while he's watching tv.

You really understand so much these days. Mommy or daddy can tell you to go get a specific toy or book and you bring it back from your toy room. You take stuff to the garbage when we say "throw this in the garbage please." You close doors when asked, grab your shoes and coat when I say it is time to go "bye bye" and drop everything and start climbing the stairs when we say "it's time to have a bath!" You've started repeating "bath, bath, bath" as you climb the stairs which just adds to your cuteness factor.

You repeat EVERYTHING! Including the not so appropriate "God" after I said "oh my god" and butt after daddy said "let's change your butt." We really have to be careful what we say around you these days! I would say you have about 15 words now. You're a talking machine! When you aren't saying "real" words, you 
are making sounds and having a full on conversation with us. It is so funny to listen to! One of my favourite things to do is to say a sentence and to wait for you to attempt to repeat it! It's so cute! You also mimic facial expressions and sounds (like smacking our lips together or blowing bubbles) and you recently started sticking your tongue out!

You still sleep in mommy's bed most nights. In fact, lately you haven't wanted to be in your crib at all. Daddy and I have just decided that this works best for us. People ask me all the time why we don't just let you cry it out in your crib and that's not an option for us. I think we all are happier and sleep better this way. I'm still the only one who can put you to sleep but that'll change soon when nana starts looking after you.

You are still nursing morning and nights. I go back and forth on when to stop but am waiting to go back to work before making any decisions. I feel like my supply is fading so I would guess we will likely be done soon. You love your goats milk bottles and we have no plans to switch to cows milk anytime soon.

You are in size 18-24 (and some 2T) month tops and 12-18 (and some 18-24) month pants. Oh and in the last few months your eye colour has slowly changed to GREEN!! 

I love you so much baby boy. Thank you for making me a mommy-- I love it so very much!

Love Mommy

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