Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clause Cause 2013

Today I ran the 10K Clause Cause with my Run Club ladies (and my two besties!)

It was a chilly morning (-5) but thankfully the 10+cm of predicted snow hadn't started falling yet.

The girls and I decided it would be fun to dress up and rocked tutus and stripped socks. (A HUGE thank you to Tawnya for making my tutu for my because I was swamped at work and probably wouldn't have had time otherwise!!!) They were rockin' Christmas music at the start line and it felt really festive! The energy was great!! 

I had a goal in mind but usually don't share them pre-race in case I jinx myself. I secretly wanted to finish under 56 minutes. My PR was 58:17 from the Better Half in June. I'd done 58:24 at the Calgary Marathon a few weeks before that one and 1:07:00 at the Moonlight in March. 

Well... I DID it!! My official time was 55:10!!! I was 2nd/19 in my age group, the 12th/55 woman and 37th/86 overall! I'm very proud of myself!!

Backing up.....

This was a tough race! My foot was numb for the first mile (don't know why this happens sometimes) and my hands were freezing because I was carrying a water bottle. I kept having to alternate hands! I crossed the 5K mat (course was a double loop) at 27:40 and was feeling good but tired. Then I saw Leighann running to her car to change (she did the 5K in 24 minutes!!) and she slowed down so I could catch up and run together for a bit. It was nice and helped me get out of my head! I left her around the 6K mark and that's when I started to get dizzy! London had been up all night and then slept until 730, so I didn't eat before the race!! Thankfully, I had some Shot Blocks in my jacket and I quickly ate two of those. I started feeling better soon after.

I tried to keep my pace around 9 minutes. I usually run on the treadmill around (6.6) 9:09/mile so this felt good. There were some tough hills but overall it was a great course! 

When I hit the 9K mark I found an extra gear and started sprinting! I was running around 7:50-8 towards the finish line! 

The best part was having my girls there waiting for me! Tawnya, Danielle and Leighann (who all did the 5K) stuck around and waited for me!! 

Tawnya did amazing in her second 5K and PR'd with an incredible time of 29:18!! Leighann got second in her age group and Katie PR'd at 1:02:29!! Danielle also kicked ass and finished just over 35 minutes (with a pee break!) :) 

I also won second in my age group so all the girls and I headed to the awards ceremony to pick up our "bling" which turned out to be a gingerbread cookie with the number "2" on it haha! Unfortunately, the snow had started really coming down at this point, so we were all freezing!!!!

(One of my favourite photos ever-- love this girl!)

I picked up my "award" cookie and we all sprinted to our cars and headed home. It was a great race and I am proud of how far I have come in just one year (and 9 races!) Hard work really does pay off!

Oh, and London agrees... 2nd place never tasted so good ;)

I'm doing the Santa Shuffle 5K in a few weeks but, it isn't chip timed so, I'll probably just take it easy and run with the girls! They do have a sweet finishers medal, so I can't wait to add to to my collection and my "run wall" when the basement is fully finished! 

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