Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday, Tawnya and I took the kids and headed out to the corn maze to take some photos with pumpkins and see the animals at the petting zoo. She captured some amazing shots!

We had a lot of fun there! I even took London down a huge slide that ended up being a little too fast and we fell off at the end! 

Saturday I joined Tawyna and Katie for "run club!" A group of moms get together whenever we can and run! We did five miles on Saturday and it felt great to run with others. I usually prefer to race alone but training is better with people to talk to!

Sunday we had a low key family day. A walk to the park before supper and an early bedtime since we were all tired!

Oh, and Jarod switched London's car seat around so he is now forward facing! He meets all the requirements with height, age and he is walking so we decided to go for it! Needless to say, he loves it!

Today mom and I went and picked out the colours for the bathroom vanity 

And then to michaels to pick up a project. I wanted to do a chalkboard area for London so I decided to DIY (it turned out pretty good... Not perfect but I still love it!)

Off to the doctors in the morning for London's one year checkup and my monthly injections.

Goodnight :) 

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  1. Such great pictures! I still need to take Liam to a pumpkin patch, although I found the perfect little pumpkin for him at the farmer's market on the weekend.

    I love the height measuring thing you have! I would love something like that for Liam. Good job on the chalkboard area, looks great!