Thursday, October 31, 2013


You're fast asleep after a busy and fun afternoon! You've been sick for the past two days with a runny nose and watery eyes so we have been hanging out at home. Today, I decided we both needed to get out of the house and, since it is halloween, we had a great excuse!

Nana, you and I went to the mall for their annual trick or treat event. You only went to about six or seven stores with your bucket and really just wanted to run around. You had two suckers and two smarties (which you loved!)

We ran into some friends and enjoyed visiting with them for a few minutes.

After the mall we headed home for supper and a quick photoshoot with daddy in our family superhero costumes!

After supper you changed into your second costume. You got to borrow Cloe's lion costume that she wore when she was one!

The costume was nice and warm for our next adventure... Trick or treating! We went to a few houses on our street while daddy stayed home and handed out candy.

When we got home you helped answer the door and hand out candy for awhile and I may have let you snack on a few Cheezies! Yummy!

Then it was off for a warm bath and bed. I hope you had a great Halloween buddy! I love you so much!

And, just because I wasn't blogging last year... Here are some photos from your first halloween!

Love Mommy

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