Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I saw this on another blog today and I'm going to steal the idea!

The idea is to post a photo of your body "exposed" and instead of picking apart what you see, you celebrate all the amazing things it has allowed you to do. So, here we go...

I went through a csection and had a beautiful 9 pound 2 oz baby boy who loves that I make silly faces and am not embarrassed to sing in public to make him laugh! He doesn't care about my scars or stretch marks.

I have fed him from my body for 12 months (and counting) not because I have huge boobs but because they're perfect for my baby.

I have completed a half marathon and eight 10/8/5 K races, have run at least a mile every day since March 1st and can push a stroller, while running, for 10 miles.

My arms are strong enough to carry a 26 pound baby around for hours (thank you teething monster) and to rock him to sleep three times a day.

My hair is thick and I love the colour. It isn't greasy and I only have to wash it twice a week, meaning more mornings spent playing with London instead of in front of the mirror.

My fingers can type faster than anyone I know (except maybe mom!) and my legs are toned from the hundreds of miles I've ran over the last 10 months.

At 30, I've never been happier with my body and my life. 


  1. Love this! You're beautiful inside and out and I'm so proud of you for how far you have come in this past year! :) xo

  2. Love this. I read the same blog this morning.
    I've had a hard time accepting my new body and I think doing a post like this myself might be good for me.