Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Party & Doctor Appt

Today you went to the public health clinic for your 1 year immunizations. There are three shots and, after a conversation with the nurse, daddy and I decided to have the nurse give you a flu shot too. 

You were fine during the first three but cried during the fourth (which apparently stings!) I'm proud of you for being so strong and thankful to daddy for holding you while you got poked.

Before the shots, the nurse weighed you and measures your height and head. You are 25 pounds 15 ounces (almost 26 pounds!!) and 32 inches. Your weight is in the 90th percentile, your height is in the 95th percentile and your head circumference is in the 90th too! She said you were a perfectly proportioned baby and seemed healthy and extremely happy!

Good job baby!!

Now let's rewind, to yesterday, and talk about your actual birthday. You slept in intil almost 7:15! Once you woke up, you searched for Brooks and ate a yummy breakfast together.

You only wanted to have a 20 minute morning nap so you were a little cranky waiting for Brooks to wake up.

When he finally did, you two played while Auntie Courtney and I set up for your party. 
After a quick lunch, it was time for your afternoon nap.

You were wiped! You slept for two hours!

Daddy was home from work early, so he was able to help set up and mom came to help as well. It looked awesome!! I'll post more photos when Auntie Courtnry sends them to me but here's a few I took with my phone!

After snapping your last monthly "tie" photo it was time to wait for the guests to start arriving!

You had a great time with all your friends! We had lots of people. Courtney, Brooks, Tyler, Katie, Abby, Gracelyn, Craig, Jace, Nicole, TJ, Roman, Tawnya, Adam, Scarlett, Rick, Carman, Emersyn, Mike, Ryndi, Nash, Nova, Carly, Sadie, Melissa, Ian, Jeremy and Danielle! 

It was also your birthday twin Gracelyn's special day! It's hard to believe how much you have grown in a year!!

Although it took a few hours to clean the house, I'm so happy we had the party here! It was wonderful to have all our friends and your friends in our new home to celebrate YOU! We've created so many memories together baby boy and I can't wait to create more!

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