Thursday, October 3, 2013


My best friend Courtney is truly one in a million. 

She's been there with me, and for me, through every up and every down over the past (almost) 10 years. 

She is one of those people you can tell you're deepest secrets to and know she'll take it to the grave (and she's horrible at keeping secrets haha!)

Although we're no longer roomies (god that was fun) and live in different provinces, we've been able to maintain a great friendship. It changed when kids came along though but not in a bad way. Our hour long phone calls turned into dozens of daily texts and our visits of laying in bed eating candy and watching marathons of "Long Island medium" turned into chasing around our kids. I love it though!

When Court said she wanted to come visit for a few days, I was thrilled! We usually get together twice a year, once in July when we go to Saskatchewan to stay at Jarod's family cabin and once at Christmas. Since we won't be heading that way for Christmas this year, I knew it would be our last chance for a visit for awhile!

Court, her mom and Brooks arrived last Friday. Her mom (Grandma Susie) stayed until Sunday) and Court and Brooks were here until Wednesday. 

We had an amazing visit! The boys acted like they've been bffs forever and I teared up once or twice watching them play together and look for each other when they woke up. 

They are on the (somewhat) same sleeping and nap schedule which made it easy for us to get stuff done and also have a great visit with and without the kids.

It was cold and very windy so we didn't get to do a lot outside, but we still had fun! We took them for haircuts!

And on a few shopping trips!

It meant so much to have Court here for London's birthday and she was a huge help setting up, and cleaning up, the party!!

It was really sad to see them go as we had really gotten used to having them here! I wish they lived closer but am blessed that, even though we don't live close, we have such a great friendship! 

Love you guys!! Miss you already!!

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