Friday, October 25, 2013

Anniversary Supper

Tonight my mom and stepdad babysat London so Jarod and I could head out for our anniversary supper. We received a 100 dollar gift card to Rics grill from Jarod's parents!

Jarod and I have been on three dates since London was born (that's over a year!!) A movie, a wedding and tonight's supper. We really enjoy spending our evenings with London, as a family, and don't mind the lack of alone time. It was nice to not have to eat super fast and take care of someone else's needs though.

We started off with drinks

A paralyzer for Jarod and a Cosmo for me (originally I ordered a twisted Cosmo but had to ask for an original because the first had way too much tequila in it!)

Then we split goat cheese crustinis and ginger chili chicken for appetizers.

For our entrees Jarod ordered Neptune chicken which came with seafood and a twice baked potato. I had the "quinoa tower." It was okay-- a little too much mayo for me. I only ate half as I was getting full from the bread basket and appetizers.

We ordered the creme brûlée for dessert but I only had a bite since a) I was full b) the ingredients and my stomach don't get along. 

I haven't been to the water tower for years and it was nice to look out over the city!

It was a great date night with my husband! It's only been two years of marriage but this year we've been dating for seven! I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else! No more makes me laugh as much, or feel as loved, as this guy!

And since this post wouldn't be complete without a photo (or two) of London... Here's us cuddling before bed tonight. I missed him :)

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  1. Love you guys! Glad you were able to get out for a date night!! :) xo