Sunday, October 20, 2013


I love the saying "if you're trying to make a change, don't think about how far you have to go but look at how far you've come." 

10 months ago I decided to start running "seriously." My husband bought me a treadmill and I started training. I signed up for a few races and my first was the Moonlight 10K last March.

Exactly SIX months ago today I ran my first 5K.

As you can see, I finished in 29:40 and beat my under 30 goal. I felt amazing!

I've run many races since then. Three 10Ks, a 4 mile, an 8K, a 3.75 colour "fun" run and my first half marathon.

Today, I ran my second 5K race!! My goal was to finish in under 27 minutes but since I was feeling under the weather I wasn't as confident as I normally am.

Well, I totally killed my time. 26:42 which was SECOND in my 30-39 category (winning me a special medal) 12th overall out of 180 people and 6th out of 138 women! I'm really proud of myself. I've come so far since that first 5K race in April and my first 5K training run in January (which took me almost 35 minutes!)

I loved having my girls there too! Even though we didn't run together, we were supporting each other!

My bestie Tawnya ran her first race and seriously kicked ass!! She ran it in 30:20. Finished 9/43 in her age group. 21/138 out of the women and 30/180!!! Seriously amazing!!!! I'm so proud of her! She just started running too! I can't wait to watch her kick some more ass in her next race!

Danielle and Nicki also got PRs!!! And, Katie ran the 9K and did amazing as well, finishing it in under an hour (her goal) at 55:20. She was 60/112 overall, 7/17 in her age group and 27/72 out of the women! Congratulations Katie!! 

I'm signed up for the Clause Cause 10K in December so hopefully I can beat my PR of 58:17! It'll depend on the weather and if there is snow on the ground. I'm running it with all the girls, so I'm excited!

Hopefully I can keep up my running and training when I go back to work. Today is day 234 of my run streak! I'd love to make it a year but we'll see! My dream is to run the NYC half marathon in March. It's a lottery so fingers crossed!! 

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  1. You are so amazing, and such an inspiration! way to rock it!