Monday, September 30, 2013


In a few hours, I'll officially have a one year old. That to me, is crazy! One year ago I was crawling into bed with your daddy anticipating an early trip to the hospital for our scheduled csection. I was so excited to meet you and anxious to see what (or who) you would look like. I will never forget the first time I heard you cry. Happy tears poured from my eyes as I was relieved you were okay and thrilled to finally have you on the outside. I'll never ever forget looking over and seeing them cleaning you off and then having you placed next to me as I lay on the operating table. I couldn't see your face at first so I asked them to turn you around. Looking into your big beautiful blue eyes I knew what love at first sight meant. I had never loved anything more than I loved you in that moment.

It was a long two hours before I could see you again as I was off to recovery but you got to cuddle with daddy while we waited. I was anxious to see you and, thankfully, the time passed by relatively quickly. I think I held you for the next 24 hours when we were finally reunited.

It's hard to believe that was a year ago; however, we have done so much the last 365 days and created so many special memories. 

I will never forget the first time you looked at me and smiled.

The first time you giggled because I was being silly. The first time you crawled and the first time you took those shaky, but confident, first steps.

You have changed my life for the better. You made me a mommy, a role I love more than anything. I wish I didn't have to go back to work next month. I would love to stay home with you and continue watching you grow and learn new things everyday. I've also enjoyed being off work at the same time as some other amazing mamas! We've made some great, sure to be life-long, friends and become even closer with other moms.

You are getting so big. We will find out Wednesday but my guess is 25 pounds and 31 inches. 

Your vocabulary is also growing all the time. You can repeat lots of words but often use hi, bye, bye bye, ball, bath, down, up, mommy and dadda.

You love to eat and get excited when you're eating and a little frustrated when you're hungry. You do like to throw food (something we are trying to tell you not to do) and you also stand up in the bathtub more than your daddy likes. Your favourite foods include yogurt, cheese, peaches, pizza, pasta and hot dogs. Your favourite treat is ice cream and you don't like most vegetables (thankfully we sneak them in with squeeze packs!)

You walk (or try and run) everywhere these days. You love our new house and the fact you have your own play room to hang out in. You love to play with daddy and will follow him around when he comes home from work. You also love independent play time and you enjoy reading books, singing, dancing and watching "bingo" on YouTube with mommy on mommy's phone. No matter how busy you are though, you still find time to come over to me a give me a big long hug and a sloppy kiss (or three!!) Those are some of my favourite moments.

You're sleeping the first part of your night in crib and then with mommy in our bed. You would also prefer to cuddle for all your naps but we are trying to break that habit because you'll be with nana when mommy goes to work soon. You still love to be rocked to sleep.

You are breast-fed in the morning and before bed and sometimes once in the day. Otherwise, you are drinking goats milk and seem to really like it! My goal is to continue nursing you as long as I can. I'd love to make it through the flu season, into the new year. If not, I am so proud of myself (and you!) for how well we have done after a rough start and many bumps along the way. 

Thank you for coming into my life and bringing me so much happiness. It's hard to explain how much I love you little boy but I hope I can spend my life showing you. 

I love you forever and forever and always.

Love Mommy

PS thanks for being so willing to take selfies with me too, haha!

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  1. Happy birthday London. He's just the cutest. Hard to believe how fast they grow.