Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dog Attack

The last time I posted I talked about how excited we were to have daddy home from his business trip! He arrived home around 330 Thursday afternoon and I left him and London to go out for a run sans rolling stroller :) 

I made it just over a mile when I saw a lady and a German Shepard. I noticed right away he wasn't on a leash and made a conscious decision to run on the far side of the sidewalk (pretty much in the ditch) as I passed him. He was actually the second dog I had seen off leash that run! 

All of a sudden I saw the dog move and, before I knew it, he had grabbed on to my leg and I felt his teeth sink in. I may have screamed (honestly I can't remember) and I spun around and tried to get him off of me. He then jumped up and put his paws on my chest and started snapping at my face. I put my hands up, instinctively, and the owner finally managed to get him off of me. I was in immediate pain and looked down to see my ripped pants (favourite Lu Lu lemons!!) and blood. I rolled them up quickly and said to the lady "You're dog just bit me!" It wasn't bad at all but it was beginning to hurt and I was in shock. The lady mumbled something about being sorry and that she tried to grab him but that was it. As she began walking away I asked if he was up to date on all his shots and she said yes. I knew I should have asked for her information but I was in shock and didn't know how to handle it. I thought she would offer to help me or call someone to come pick me up. I cried the whole walk home.

Mom and I spent three hours at the doctors that night waiting to have the bite looked at. I have three small puncture wounds and was given a prescription to prevent infection.

I did report the incident to police but, other than the first night, haven't heard from them. I have driven around the neighbourhood multiple times trying to find the owner and her dog. I also have some great friends who have helped by searching for them on their own time (I love you guys!!) 

The scariest part for me is thinking what if London was with me? The dog would have been at the perfect height to bite him in the face. Or, what if the dog attacks someone else? I want this lady to have a visit from the police and realize how serious this is and how important it is to keep your dog on its leash in areas that aren't marked "off leash!" If the dog has attacked someone before, I want it put down. 

The bite is healing but is still sore. It's made for some slow and slightly painful runs the last few days but I know it could have been much worse! I know I'm very lucky it wasn't! 

On a happier note, we had London's one year photo shoot today. Here's a sneak peek... Post to come soon!

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