Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whoop Up Days

It's Whoop Up Days this week which means the fair is in town!

Earlier this week, mom and I met up with our friends and watched the parade. You watched parts of it (even waving at a few people) but I think you just enjoyed being out with your friends.

Last night, daddy and I took you to the fair for a few hours! You loved the petting zoo and giggled as Daddy imitated the animal sounds.

We all enjoyed some oh-so-yummy fair food (you had your favourite... Pizza!) and watched some shows (including on where a guy jumped 80 feet from a diving board into water!!) and walked around the grounds.

It was a great night with the family! I can't wait to take you back with your friends today!

PS You started walking a few days ago!!!! August 19th!!! So, once I figure out how to add a video I will do a post on that :) 


  1. Just upload the video to youtube then you embed it into blogger! I can show you sometime :)

  2. PS love all the photos! Can't wait to take the kiddies today!