Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whoop Up Days 2.0

I need to start by saying I have the most amazing, talented friends. Most of the photos in this post are Tawyna's. Thank you T!!

Today, London and I returned to the fair with my friends Tawyna, Nicole and Janelle and their little ones Scarlett, Roman and Travis. 

There isn't a lot of things to do with babies, but I love that this group of ladies is always willing to get out and try new things and just hangout and catchup!

We headed straight to the petting zoo when we arrived. London seemed to enjoy himself again and loved just standing around the bunny cage with his buddies.

London and Scarlett even wore matching outfits for the day! ;)

I love that Roman, Scarlett and London are going to grow up together and hopefully attend the same elementary school someday (Tawyna you aren't allowed to move!!) They really are becoming best buds and I love their mamas!

After the petting zoo, we walked around and eyed up the food stands before finally settling on ice cream (it was hot!)

This is London's face when you don't feed him ice cream fast enough... 

Technically I don't blame him.. I love ice cream too ;)

I also treated myself to a Carmel apple which I enjoyed after supper! Yum! 

It was an awesome day with my girls, their babes and my little man!

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  1. Thanks, Kaella. and of course you can steal my photo's any day since your adorable son is one of my top models ;)

    Thanks for the fun day! xo