Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I haven't posted much lately. I have been so busy but yet don't feel like I have done most of the things I should be doing.

A few weeks ago we listed our house. 11 days after it went on the market we had, and accepted, an offer. The new owner wanted to close in 4 weeks which meant we had to decide if we could find a house, pack up our life and move in less than 30 days! 

Of course, we accepted the offer, now we are waiting on the dreaded house inspection, which is happening Friday, before the deal is official! 

I am trying not to be nervous about the inspection but I am. Although our home is only 4 years old, you never know!

The good news is we found a home we absolutely love! It is a little out of our price range, but we have agreed to be on an extremely strict budget for a year until a big loan we have is done. It is a big house (2550 sq ft) and we are going to finish the basement so it'll have room for guests! It has a bedroom for a little brother or sister for London and their own little playroom!  It's brand new with beautiful finishes. It is in my perfect neighbourhood. It's also close to two of my besties and a new elementary school. Definitely my "dream home!" (Minus the super dark or white cabinets haha!!) if all goes well, we are moving in August 30th! 16 days.....

Anyway, so we have spent a lot of our days stressed about our finances and worrying about the inspection and running from bank appointments after bank appointments! On top of the sale, we are also dealing with hail damage to our current home and vehicles which is going to cost us 2000 in deductibles (still wondering where all this money will come from!!)

I feel like I haven't been as "present" with London as I want to be. We haven't done anything really fun the last two weeks and I really want to enjoy what's left of summer! I am happy we will hopefully be in the new house before i go back to work but it makes me sad how quickly my maternity leave is coming to an end. Taking him to the spray park with some friends tomorrow so hopefully that'll make me feel less guilty about how busy I have been!

So, Friday is the big inspection day (and estimate for my car!) so I am ready for the weekend to be here already! 

Thanks for listening (err...reading) my vent! It feels good to have it off my chest. Hoping everything goes well so I can enjoy this jetted tub in the new house, soon!!! 

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  1. It will all be worth it in the end, and life always has a way of making things happen :) can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! and to see the new place!!!