Friday, August 2, 2013

New Shoes

I have tried to put shoes on London a few times but they never fit! He has big, wide feet. Well, today my mom suggested we take him to a store and get them measured! Lately I have been trying to fit his new Size 3 shoes on and it turns out he is a 5!!!! Whoops!!

There were a lot of choices...

We ended up picking up a pair of black and red sandals that should last him through the summer. They were regularly 19.99 and on sale for 9.99! Score!!

He seemed to like them and they didn't stop him from "walking" around the store!

Mom also got new shoes and surprised me with a pair for myself too! 

14 bucks!! Not bad for a cute pair of comfortable wedges! 

London also got a new stuffed animal from nana that matches his nursery.

And a new hat (for the fall) from mommy.

It was a successful day at the mall and a great way to spend a few hours while it was raining outside! 

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