Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just what we needed

Today, London and I went to the spray park with my closest friends, their littles and my mom for some fun in the sun! It is 31 degrees outside, so we needed a way to escape the heat!

Great friends and good conversation was exactly what I needed! As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is the big day! Our inspection!! 

I am very thankful I have friends who listen to me vent, ask questions because they are genuinely interested and get as excited as I am about something!

London had fun with his friends and I loved walking around with him through the water! He also enjoyed eating everyone else's food-- we definitely have a good little eater on our hands (when he isn't teething!)

 I can't wait for the next play date :) 

Next photos courtesy of Tawyna

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  1. Thanks for a great afternoon!! It was "just what we needed" too :) can't wait for the next play date!