Saturday, August 3, 2013

Colour Me Rad

I love to run. Not only does it help me stay healthy but it also is my "me" time! I leave London with Jarod about once a week for a long run and take him in the stroller the other days. He usually falls asleep and I blast my music as I pound the pavement.

I also love races. I love the competitive spirit, challenging myself and smashing pr's (personal records!)

Today I completed the 5K Colour Me Rad race. The race is very different than what I am used to-- it isn't timed and you get attacked with "colour bombs" as you run.

I woke up at 4am and headed to mom's house for 5. We drove up with Danielle and met Katie in Calgary. We took a school shuttle bus from the ctrain station to the race site at Canada Olympic Park.

Mom came to take care of Gracelyn and London while we ran. She is such a huge help!!

Here's a few before shots (still clean!!)

And a few very messy looking after shots!

The race was really fun! The course had a lot of hills and, because the trail was so thin and there was thousands of runners, there were lots of places you had to walk. It only turned out to be 3.75 km instead of 5 too! Oh well!

It was an awesome race and I will definitely sign up again next year!!!

After the race we headed to the mall and met up with Becky and her friend. I first "met" Becky through twitter and enjoyed chatting with her as she welcome her son, Liam, about two weeks after London! She is an awesome woman, a great mother and a wonderful new friend!!  (I forgot to take any photos together!! Fail!)

Tonight Jarod, London and I had fun surprising our friend Tina for her 30th birthday! So far, this weekend has been great! Hope you're enjoying it too!!


  1. That run looks like so much fun! Adam and I were thinking about doing it this year, but it's hard with a baby and no one to leave her with! We should do it next year and make a girls day/night out of it! I'm sure the babies will be able to be with their Daddy's by then! :)

  2. Such a fun day! And many thanks to your Mom for watching Gracelyn!